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15 Nov

Please contact the Venom staff

for all information about the scrimmage

June 20, 2015 @ 4:30 PM

Veteran Stadium in West Haven




The New Haven Venom will start the 2015 season in January of 2015. We will meet every 3rd Friday at the month at Keefe Center in Hamden until March of 2015. Then it will be every Friday at the Keefe Center. The address to the Keefe Center is 11 Pine Street Hamden, CT. We start our introduction of new players and have skull season and will be in the first phases of our team work out. I know that there are guys that want to play football and I get that, let me make myself perfectly clear I don’t want those players. I want players that want to work because those are the players that will start to build a championship team.

This is to all players that are thinking about coming on to this team, please don’t tell me or any other staff member your hardship problems if you don’t have the money to pay league fee then maybe you shouldn’t be playing football you should be taking care of your personal business.

We are not in the business of hearing player’s problems; we are in the business of playing football. New Haven Venom players shouldn’t have to suffer because people that want to come on the team can’t carry their weight.

We go into each season with problems because we allow problems on the team and we have to stop that before it begins. We are a football and as a football team we play other teams and if we go into games with dead weight we can only expect problems.

Conduct yourself like a man and I will treat you as such if you can’t see that you are not doing what we expect of you and you act like a kid, we will treat you like a kid. Playing football means you put in hard work and you get a good return from it.

We expect all players to learn our system we are not asking you to learn it we expect you to learn. We expect all players to stay in their lane; don’t come on here trying to coach just come here willing and egger to learn our system. The minute you as a player step out of your lane you will be inform of your infraction 2 more other infraction will result in immediate dismissal from the team with no refund of any monies paid to the team.

Each player will be assigned a playbook that they are responsible for, if said playbook become lost or damage you will be assess a fine. Like I said in the beginning I expect each and every one of the ball players that become a New Haven Venom to act accordingly and you will be treated accordingly.

Booker T. McJunkin

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