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About The Team

15 Nov

In 2012 I moved from New York To New Haven CT. In hope to bring a minor league team to the city of New Haven. I’ve been successful in running minor league program in the past, with my emphasis on making sure that ball player return back to mainstream society and become productive members of the community. I focus my efforts on making sure these guys have their high school diploma or their G.E.D with the ability to land full time employment or to get them back on track to going to college. New Haven is like most cities with typical city problem and the New Haven Venom knows this. So with us being the one of the only organization that caters to young men between the ages of 18 – 25, we want to be the place most of these young men come to. The Venom organization wants to give young men the opportunity to turn their life around. We are here to unite the area of New Haven areas like the Tre, Hill, Tribe, Ville, etc. We truly believe having these young men play together like a family will make the streets a much safer place. We will build venom pride.

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