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15 Nov

Set Shop has been part of the New York City professional photography scene since 1977. What began as a seamless paper store with a small selection of items almost 40 years ago, has now grown into a creative community resource that has in stock and sells several thousand different items that can supply a wide range of creative and live event industries as well as still supplying the photographers, and cinematographers that made Set Shop a success.

 We not only supply the hardware, accessories, and expendables needed on your set but our woodworking shop called Set2 ( can build complete sets. Many of the items we construct are also available for rental, from columns to flats and prop stairs. Because we understand about deadlines, and getting the assignment out on time, we offer a 24/7-delivery service. Being Set Shop is our mission, our goal, and has become our passion.

 Please take a look at our newest website, Our goal on this site is to show our customers how they can apply universal tools and techniques that will make their creative lives easier and more productive.

 We thank our customers for shopping at Set Shop, and we will continue to provide the highest quality products and services that we have built our reputation on over the years.

For the past few years Setshop has been a major sponsor to the New Haven Venom. We do appreciate the concern of our sponsors and their grateful support. We know with their support we can continue to do great in the community. It is through the support of such great sponsors such as Setshop that make it possible. Setshop is a online business and they cater to people across the world. Their website address is; I would encourage anyone that supports the New Haven Venom to support setshop just by visiting their website. Setshop and the New Haven Venom are working really hard to change the community.

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