Venom Pride Runs Deep

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     The City of New Haven is like every city with typical city problems. Me moving here had showed me that this city has the ability to change if we as people invest more time into the city.


     The city has its first black female mayor in office and she is working for change. Twenty years of the same system makes it hard for people to change. There are people in the poor communities that are hard workers and they pay taxes as well but sometimes get over looked and their voices go unheard. I’m one of those taxpayers and not only am I a taxpayer but I am also a disabled veteran that fought for the rights of those that cannot stand up for themselves.


     I am also a man that believes we have to fix our community and not leave it up to others. With that being said, there are young men and women here screaming for help and I know I have a powerful tool and that is football. I think using this tool can get people interested and teach them how to play football as well as teaching them to be upstanding citizens. We have to take them away from computer screens and get them to use social skills to interact with each other. To teach them how to become respectable towards each other despite our differences instead of fighting.


     We put a lot of thought into this, when choosing a uniform that we wanted to go with a less confrontational color, so we chose Charcoal gray, lime green, white and black . We don’t want to have any affiliation with any gang colors. In this community, schools in New Haven are using color like red and blue teaching team rivalry. Not understanding that it transcends to the streets and some kids don’t know how or just refuse to leave that rivalry at the high school doors upon graduation.


     We as a community have to pick up the pieces. There are kids that fail in high school, so the city gives them a second chance with GED programs. Why can’t we also give them a second chance using football and allowing them to use this tool to motivate them to do more. That is all The New Haven Venom is trying to do. The New Haven Venom just need the support of the community I need people to see that this just isn’t a hobby but this is a way of life. Coming to New Haven and doing my research had me understand how much the city does for children. I believe bringing a minor league football team to the city makes it easier to encourage young adults to get their GED and to get jobs.


     Football can teach them how to conduct themselves, teach teamwork, and wins and losses teach them how to deal with social changes. We teach players on the team to give back to the community by doing food, toy and clothes drives as well as public cleaning and mentoring. We need a location to teach them how to write resumes and prepare them with job training, and assist the players dealing with homelessness.


     An example would be teaching them how to write a thank you letters after getting an interview. It teaches them to be thankful and optimistic with every opportunity. Our job here isn’t finished we want the city to allocate Jobs to all the football players and I want everyone on the team to leave the team with a High School diploma or GED and a job. We have young adults coming from the reentry program, who are on probation and want to turn their lives around. We also would like to some of them get their records expunged for the players with 5 years of a clean backgrounds and also have the ability to attend a college of their choice.


     In conclusion our job won’t be finished until we have this team as permanent fixture in our community where we produce productive member of society. In 2016 we want to bring a full contact women’s minor league football team to New Heaven.

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